“At The Global Group, we are more than just a conglomerate;  we are a family of companies, each specializing in different  facets of our industry. This diversity allows us to offer  comprehensive solutions that cater to the unique needs of our  clients. Be it business networking, IT Solutions or even sourcing  high-end gadgets inspiring enhanced lifestyles.”

Meet S. Gurvinder Singh

Founder & Managing Director

 Global Group of Companies

Mr. Singh spearheads The Global  Group of Companies, spanning luxury  technology products, IT solutions,  aviation ventures, wellness initiatives,  and visionary consulting. His portfolio  caters to corporate giants and high-  net-worth individuals.

A Visionary Leader Pioneering Diverse Business Horizons

In the realm of entrepreneurship, S.  Gurvinder Singh shines as a luminary  crafting a diverse tapestry of  businesses. With a legacy of multiple-  years of experience and a  commitment to innovation, he drives  multifaceted enterprises and  orchestrates an electrifying  corporate landscape through his  exceptional network.

Diverse Advisory Roles

His adept advisory skills have left an indelible mark  across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging  from Real Estate, Automotives, Business Research  & Analytics, to Wellness & NGOs.

Futuristic Perspective

An engineer at heart, his vision extends beyond the horizon,  rooted  in  futuristic  technologies  and  transformative  trends. With  a  keen  eye  on  emerging  horizons, Mr. Singh  actively  fosters facilitates, and collaborates on innovative concepts  like Blockchain, IoT, Anti-drone tech, Robotics, and  Quantum Technologies.

Global Outlook

The  synergy  of  S.  Gurvinder  Singh’s  engineering  acumen with an innate entrepreneurial prowess, a collaborative conviction, and an integrative  perspective converge to culminate into a manifest  transcendent global vision!

Distinguished Accolades

Featured among India’s notable Sikh  business leaders, he’s recognized by The  Outlook 2023 in their premium  publication

The Sikh Business Leaders of India

and holds advisory roles in prestigious  industry bodies like World Sikh Chamber  of Commerce, Young Progressive Sikh  Forum, International Punjab Forum, and  prominent chambers of commerce such  as CII, ASSOCHAM, and India Culinary  Forum, among others.